Clinical Placements at The University of Sydney

The Master of Clinical Psychology and and Master of Clinical Psychology and Doctor of Philosophy double degree are offered in the School of Psychology at the University of Sydney. Two internal clinical placements take place in the University of Sydney Psychology Clinic, under the supervision of members of the academic and clinical staff: Professor Stephen Touyz, Dr Caroline Hunt, Dr Louise Sharpe, Dr Sunny Lah, Dr Maree Abbott, Dr David Hawes, Dr David Horry, Dr Paul Rhodes. All students have had considerable clinical exposure, in both adult and child settings, before proceeding to external clinical placements.

The final two clinical placements take place in external hospital and community settings. The external clinical placements are 6 months in length and are planned to be 2 days a week for 24 weeks. There are two external clinical placements periods: January to June and July to December. The University of Sydney clinical placements may be longer in duration than you are accustomed to, but we expect that having students on site for a longer period will afford the advantage that they will be able to become effective members of staff in your setting. Up to thirty second and third year students require allocation to external clinical placements each year.

We invite you to become a clinical supervisor for the final two clinical placements, which take place in external settings over the last year of the students' study program.