Provisional Registration

All students must obtain provisional registration (or if applicable full registration) with the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA). The provisional registration is to cover you whilst you are enrolled in the MCP MCP/PhD program and completing clinical placements.

Students are advised to apply for provisional registration immediately. AHPRA requires evidence of current enrolment in the MCP or MCP/PhD program, however, students may submit an application prior to enrolment. The University will provide this evidence by way of a letter to AHPRA confirming student enrolments in January/February each year, once all student have enrolled.

All students must have applied for provisional registration (or if applicable full registration) with the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) before the first week of Semester 1 each year.

If you are not registered by the first few weeks of Semester 1 you will not be permitted to commence the clinical observation as you are not permitted to have any patient contact or participate in patient observation. In this event, you will be required to make up Clinical observation hours that you have missed.

Application notes

  • Please visit the Psychology Board of Australia website for application information and forms.
  • Complete FORM APRO-76 Application for provisional registration as a psychologist. You do NOT need to complete forms for provisional registration in psychology placement and supervision programs as the Registration Board trusts the University to conduct a clinical placement program that meets their requirements.
  • Provide evidence of academic qualifications (accredited 4 year sequence of study in psychology). You must arrange for original academic transcripts to be provided directly from the issuing institution to the Board, arriving in a sealed envelope with the University seal on the closure, OR obtain the transcripts in a sealed (university stamp on seal) envelope and submit with your other documentation.
  • University of Sydney students may obtain an official academic transcript from Student Centre.
    - Collect a transcript in person at the Student Centre counter
    Level 3, Jane Foss Russell Building G02
    - Order a transcript through the Student Centre online form (up to 5 working days)
  • Provide proof or enrolment. As required by AHPRA, once you have enrolled by January/February, the Clinical Psychology Unit will provide a letter directly to the AHPRA confirming your enrolment.
  • Provide APS assessment for non-Australian qualifications. Students who have qualifications from a non-Australian University are required to have their qualifications assessed by the Australian Psychological Society (APS) in order to be eligible for registration with AHPRA. Please note that the APS application processing time is 6-8 weeks and a fee is involved. Students who have qualifications from a non-Australian University are advised to have their qualifications assessed by the APS prior to applying for the DCP/MSc program. Enclose a certified copy of the letter provided by the APS stating the outcome of your assessment.
  • In relation to evidence of professional indemnity insurance, for questions regarding appropriate professional indemnity insurance arrangements in place for all practice undertaken during the registration period, please tick YES. Covered by University course enrolment.
  • Record the University of Sydney as the principal place of practice
    Clinical Psychology Unit (M02F)
    University of Sydney NSW 2006
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance form - see Certificates of Currency

Application approval

  • Incomplete applications will not be placed before the Board. Please check your application to make sure that all necessary documentation has been included.
  • Once your application has been approved your registration number and name will appear on the Register of Practitioners