The Clinic offers services to the general community, to all age groups and all geographical areas. It is not restricted to staff or students of the University. A broad range of services are offered.

Referrals not Suited to the Clinic

As the Clinic is a primary referral centre, people suffering from severe and chronic conditions, such as significant suicidal risk, psychosis, severe personality disorder, substance abuse, addiction or gambling difficulties, or those with criminal or violent behaviour, usually require more specialised or longer-term services than those provided by the Psychology Clinic.
Medico-legal reports or opinions are not able to be provided by the Psychology Clinic.

Making a Referral

Anyone may refer themselves, their child, or a client or patient to the Clinic. For adults it is best for the person to refer themselves or have a Health Professional refer them.
To refer to the Clinic, please call 02 9114 4343.
The Clinic Receptionist will take your contact details and an Intake Officer will call you back to obtain details of the difficulties involved and determine suitability for the Clinic services. Where people are not suited to our services, every effort will be made to provide details of more appropriate services.

Clinic Staff

The Clinic is staffed by Provisional Psychologists who have completed their academic training to become Psychologists and are undertaking postgraduate doctoral training specializing in Clinical Psychology.
All Provisional Psychologists work under the supervision of experienced senior Clinical Psychologists and Neuropsychologists.
Through supervision clients of the Clinic gain access to the knowledge, expertise and experience of leading members of the profession, who are closely involved in the work. Supervisors regularly observe sessions either from behind a one-way screen or by recording in order to provide a high level of consultation.