Psychology Clinic Appointments

Opening Hours

The Clinic is open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.
The first available appointment is at 9am and the last appointment at 4pm. Appointments are not available outside business hours. Therapy and psychometric services are available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Research programs may be available on Wednesdays and Fridays.


Therapy sessions are 50 minutes long. You will be asked to attend 30 minutes prior to your initial appointment to complete the required forms. Sessions are schedules at a regular time each week and for optimal benefit regular attendance is important.

Adult psychometric assessments are generally conducted over a single session on a scheduled date. The assessment takes three to four hours.
Child and adolescent psychometric assessments are only conducted in the mornings as the performance of children and adolescents is impacted by fatigue. More than one session is usually required to cater for this, most commonly two sessions of up to 3 hours each. It is important that a parent with a good recall of the child's developmental history attends the first session to enable a thorough history taking.

People interested in participating in current research programs offered through the Psychology Clinic are asked to contact the Research Program Coordinator directly to make an appointment. Contact numbers are available under 'Research Programs'.

Making an Appointment

To make an appointment, please contact the Psychology Clinic on
02 9114 4343 and leave your contact details with the Clinic Receptionist. An Intake Officer will ring you back and obtain details of your requirements and advise you of the suitability of our service to meet your needs. The Intake Officer may need to discuss this with the Clinic Director before a decision can be made. However, where our services are not suitable to your needs, an alternative service will be suggested wherever possible. If we can offer you suitable services, you/your child or adolescent will be placed on a waitlist and we will endeavour to offer an appointment as soon as we can. An estimate of the waiting time can be obtained from the Intake Officer.

Cancelling an Appointment

To cancel or postpone an appointment, at least 24 hours notice is required. Where 24 hours notice is not given, a cancellation fee (the cost of the session) will be charged.