Psychometric Assessments

The Clinic offers comprehensive psychometric assessments for diagnosing issues related to learning problems, ADHD and developmental difficulties. In addition to identifying issues that may warrant professional attention, these assessments can also provide recommendations that may assist with children’s school readiness, performance and general behaviour. Additionally, where children are intellectually gifted, it can be helpful to identify their areas of strength to enable educational programming to cater to their needs for stimulation and advanced learning opportunities. Assessments are generally conducted over two mornings and take 3 – 4 hours.

The Psychology Clinic does not provide assessments for people on the autism spectrum.
Instead, families and individuals can contact the following organisations :
The Autism Clinic for Translational Research (ACTr) runs a research program and can provide a free assessment and low-fee report.
Autism Spectrum Australia (ASPECT) is a Australia's leading service provider for people on the autism spectrum.


Fees: $300 for psychometric assessment
Fees: $150 for psychometric assessment for unemployed or full time students
Fee includes interview, test administration, feedback and full report.