The Child Memory Clinic (CMC)

The Child Memory Clinic is a specialized service for school aged children and adolescents who are experiencing memory difficulties in everyday life (not due to substance abuse or psychological trauma). Memory is essential for acquisition of habits, knowledge, academic skills and for social interaction.

The CMC provides:

  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Advice about management of memory difficulties
  • Information and education about memory disorders
  • Specific research treatment programs are being developed and may be offered to individuals or groups of children with certain types of memory deficits.

What are the Causes of Memory Difficulties in Children?

Children experience age-related increases in their memory capacity over the course of their development. Memory difficulties often became apparent as children grow older and are expected to become increasingly independent. While all children are at times forgetful some children experience excessive difficulties with memory in everyday life. They may be due to many different causes such as developmental disorders (i.e. ADHD), neurological illnesses (such as epilepsy) or psychological difficulties (especially anxiety and depression) to mention some of them.

What Happens at an Appointment?

The initial appointment usually takes 3 to 4 hours to complete. It involves an interview that aims to increase our understanding of the types of memory difficulties your child may be experiencing as well as relevant developmental history. Once the interview is completed a child will be asked to partake in a range of cognitive tasks. You may need to come back the following week for testing to be completed. Finally, the results and recommendations will be discussed with you and your child. A comprehensive report will be subsequently mailed to your home address.

What Treatments are Available?

We may discuss different strategies that you and your child may use in everyday life to minimize the impact of memory difficulties. In addition, we may invite you to participate in our research based treatments that are being validated, changed and updated regularly. Finally, we may suggest a referral for a treatment of an underlying disorder that in some cases may result in transient memory difficulties.

How to Make an Appointment?

Phone (02) 9114 4343


Level 2 M02F
94 Mallett St Camperdown NSW 2050